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AirMagnet Revamps, Renames Flagship Product

WLAN security company AirMagnet is changing the name of its flagship product reflecting increased adoption by enterprises. Formerly known as AirMagnet Distributed, the newly dubbed AirMagnet Enterprise 5.0 also introduces security features tailored to network managers.

Feature upgrades include automated intrusion detection, 3-D rogue-AP control and government policy compliance tools.

After taking a poll, the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based AirMagnet decided to change the name of its Distributed product. "It didn't carry much weight," says Rich Mironov, Vice President of Marketing at AirMagnet. AirMagnet is today marking its 200th enterprise customer.

In AirMagnet Enterprise 5.0, the wireless security company acknowledges the importance of protecting both the wired and wireless side of an enterprise network.

"We can scan the wired side to see which of the rogues are on your wired network," says Mironov. "If it's on your wired network, they could get into your corporate databases and applications. If it's on the wired, you have to deal with that fast," says the AirMagnet exec.

Smarter Sensors
With network departments already busy managing an enterprise's wired connections, AirMagnet introduces SmartEdge Sensors acting as a "network administrator's remote brains and feet."

The sensors let companies "secure and support their wireless networks—no matter how geographically dispersed its offices or what kinds of wireless infrastructure are in use," according to AirMagnet.

"Enterprises mean you have to reach around the world; they're not in one place," Mironov says. Mironov says AirMagnet "can reach across the ocean to tell you" about the location of a rogue.

Intruder alert
In another nod to the needs of enterprises, AirMagnet Enterprise moves from alerting you of possible security problems to dealing with intruders.

"Now its intrusion prevention," says Mironov. It's more than telling you you've got a problem; [AirMagnet Enterprise] will help you get rid of it," he says.

"AirMagnet doesn't simply monitor for rogues and intruders, but takes immediate action to tackle more than 120 distinct security and performance threats—even in the middle of the night," according to a prepared statement.

"We've added new features that can be turned on automatically," says Mironov. "Hit the 'Disable Switch Port' button and it'll tell the switch to turn off the port the rogue is attached to," according to Mironov.

A wireless block option prevents a rogue AP from talking on the wired side of an enterprise's network. "It'll disassociate while someone goes out to find," says Mironov.

Rogue Geiger counter
AirMagnet Enterprise includes "3-D" Rogue Control. The rogue control feature detects, disables and documents unwanted devices, according to the company.

A third button, called "Rogue Triangulation," uses sensors to track down rogue access points.

"For example, there are three live sensors in our building," says Mironov. "A red dot shows the statistically likely place—this is good for plus or minus 10 feet," according to AirMagnet.

"Now you'd use our handheld; it's got a 'Geiger counter' to find [the rogue.]" "The mobile tools can get you within inches," says Mironov. Most AirMagnet customers use the company's handheld products.

Security encyclopedia
In a concession to network administrators that might not know the ins and outs of wireless security, AirMagnet Enterprise includes an online encyclopedia.

"Things like Why is an ad hoc station bad?, and What should I do about it?" says Mironov. "Double click on it in the dashboard and you get a whole essay," he says.

AirMagnet Enterprise 5.0 also includes industry-specific policy templates and wizards. The new policies "simplify compliance with government regulations such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), Graham-Leach-Bliley Act (GBLA) and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)," according to AirMagnet.

Users of AirMagnet Distributed versions 3 and 4 will receive Enterprise version 5.0 as a free upgrade, according to Mironov.