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Wi-Fi, E-Mail in Stars for Zodiac

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Tapwave's Zodiac is an excellent platform for gaming. Since its introduction last year, however, two omissions—Wi-Fi and e-mail software—have left the powerful handheld lacking as a more general-purpose PDA for some users.

The company rectified this state of affairs today with the introduction of a Wi-Fi Secure Digital (SD) card solution and an e-mail application. So in addition to the Zodiac's built-in Bluetooth, you can now access e-mail, surf the Internet, or chat online wirelessly over an 802.11b connection.

Wi-Fi support comes through new software drivers for SanDisk and palmOne's Wi-Fi SD cards, which are compatible with the SDIO-enabled of Zodiac's two SD slots. The new Wi-Fi solution includes a Wi-Fi SD card, Wi-Fi software, an enhanced e-mail application, and a Web Browser. (The browser also ships with Zodiac's bundled CD-ROM.)

While you can purchase a Wi-Fi SD card directly from Tapwave for $99, you should be able to find it elsewhere for as low as $65—the software driver and e-mail application are also available as free downloads from the company's Web site.

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Reprinted from Palm Boulevard .