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At Last: Wi-Fi for Treo

One often-heard gripe about palmOne's Treo series of smartphones is the lack of integrated 802.11b wireless or a way to add the feature -- even palmOne itself hasn't released a Treo driver yet for its own Wi-Fi enabled Secure Digital card.

Enfora, a company known for products that bring wireless functions to a variety of computing products including PDA and smartphones, announced the first way to bring Wi-Fi to the new Treo 650 and even the older Treo 600 -- industry pundits never thought that would happen -- at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

The vendor will release two sleds, one for each Treo model, as they use different connectors. Each sled contains its own internal battery for up to three hours of use and five days of standby time. And you can purportedly employ Wi-Fi and cellular wireless connections simultaneously.

The Treo 600 sled should ship on February 1, while the Treo 650 is slated to arrive a month later.

Reprinted from SmartPhoneToday.