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iSkoot Mobilizes Skype For Treo

Cambridge-based iSkoot is a company that enables cell phone users to connect and make calls through the Skype Voice over IP (VoIP) service. Its iSkootMobile application is now available for Palm's Treo smartphones.

The small-footprint software client will connect Treos to PC-to-PC networks, enabling users to place and receive Internet calls through Skype from their mobile handsets, without the need for PCs, special hardware, or Wi-Fi hot spots.

So with the free iSkoot download, in addition to all the other features of the Treo smartphones, including e-mail, phone, Web browsing, and organizer applications, users can enjoy the benefits of Internet telephony directly from their handset.

The iSkootMobile phone application for Skype Software is now available for the Palm platform Treo 650 and 700p. Users can simply download the client to their smartphone, log onto their Skype accounts, and start calling and receiving calls from their online buddies.

iSkoot expects to add support for RIM BlackBerry and other smartphone platforms, in Addison to other IM services, such as GoogleTalk, before the end of the year.

Support for additional smartphones such as the RIM Blackberry as well as other IM services such as GoogleTalk will be available before the end of 2006. iSkoot is also currently compatible with a number of Motorola and Nokia handsets, as well as a couple of Sony Ericsson Walkmen phones.

"With iSkoot, members of workgroups can better communicate; they know when their co-workers are available to be called and don’t waste time leaving and listening to voice mails," asserts iSkoot VP of business development Roy Erez. "In addition, through availability management, customers and partners find it easier to stay in touch from around the world. To top it off you can also reach people anywhere in the world without paying interconnect fees by calling them on their PC.”

Today, Skype, acquired by EBay a year ago, has over 113 million subscribers, after adding 18 million more in the second quarter.

Article courtesy of PDA Street.

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