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Extreme's Switch Preps for 11n

Extreme Networks said today its modular Summit Wireless Mobility (WM) series of switches will be ready for 802.11n.

The switch/controllers are the $17,000 Summit WM 200 for networks with 50 APs, and the $33,000 WM 2000 unit for up to 200 APs. The modularity means they'll be ready to support 802.11n APs when available -- something not possible with the current WM 100 or WM 1000 controllers. They're being replaced by the 200/2000.

"The value is the controller-free branch office, and a preserved network design equity," says Joe Eyre, director of wireless at Extreme Networks. "You can continue to use it as time goes on and new products come out."

Being ready for 11n at the center doesn't mean Extreme is yet ready for 11n on the edge. The company's main access point is still the Altitude 350-2, a dual-radio 802.11a/b/g unit, which comes with either integrated antennas or external antennas.

Summit supports VoIP communications through integration of technology with Avaya .

The 200/2000 units will be available by April 30, according to Eyre. "The goal for 802.11n APs is the first quarter of 2008," says Eyre, who isn't worried about being late. "A lot of enterprises won't rush to 11n; clients won't support it for some time."