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Free Local Ads for Hotspots

SputnikNet Express Wi-Fi service has been upgraded to offer locally-targeted advertising to hotspot venue owners.

Sputnik president and CEO David LaDuke said in an announcement today that non-technical business owners can add their own logo and identity info easily, and that localized content is now an option. It's part of a "great opportunity for business owners to build customer loyalty," he said.

SputnikNet Express also handles security to separate customers from the business network, adds support for devices without a browser to log in, tosses off bandwidth hogs, and offers usage reports. It runs on Sputnik access points that plug into any third-party broadband connection to the Internet. DD-WRT+Sputnik Agent firmware will convert existing APs into SputnikNet APs as well.

Upgrading to the full SputnikNet service adds more services like walled gardens, support for multiple venues, a guest database and regular user database, RADIUS server support, and credit card or PayPal billing, as well as WorldPay, which handles 144 currencies around the world.

Pricing is based on the number of APs on the venue owner's network -- those with only one AP and SputnikNet pay a $50 setup fee to start; SputnikNet Express is free, with no setup fee. [Updated 5/3/07.]