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10 Must-Have Security Tips from CES 2010

As the connectivity of our gadgets increases, so do our security risks. Lisa Phifer reports on some security tips coming out of this year's CES.

Enterprises are already painfully aware of the risk associated with lost laptops. With this year's bumper crop of netbooks, smartbooks, and smartphones, that risk grows. From the Google Nexus and Motorola Backflip to the Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid and Freescale Smartbook Tablet, we're talking lighter, thinner-and even easier to lose. But we also spotted a creative counter-measure at CES: Zomm's "wireless leash" for Bluetooth-enabled devices. Stray too far from your device and this key-fob vibrates. In a pinch, the Zomm can also answer incoming calls or dial 911.

Wireless cameras are made with good intentions, but these tiny tykes have grown so inexpensive and easy that potential abuse must be taken seriously. Consider the Avaak Vue Personal Video Network ($299)-a self-configuring mesh of 2.9 x 1.0 x 2.1-inch wireless cameras that transmit ten minutes of video per day for an entire year on a single battery. Real-time feeds are relayed by a paperback-sized gateway across the Internet to your iPhone. The time has probably come for enterprises to be on the look-out for unobtrusive wireless cameras installed without authorization.

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