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Colubris Beefs Up WLAN Security

Responding to security concerns related to 802.11b wireless local area networks (WLANs), Colubris Networks Inc. said Wednesday that it would add additional security to its wireless LAN routers.

Specifically, the company said it would embed IPSec virtual private network (VPN) and L2TP support in its CN1050 wireless LAN routers. In providing the additional support, the company acknowledged security concerns.

"It has been proven that WEP security can be compromised within minutes, exposing your network and your data to eavesdropping," said Pierre Trudeau, Colubris' president. "Although many vendors recommend the use of longer encryption keys or are waiting for WEP 2 (IEEE 802.11i) to solve the problem, the inherent flaws in the WEP protocol remain its Achilles heal."

IPSec implemented with an external VPN server protects the corporate backbone network from outside intruders. In addition, L2TP provides protection for traffic between LAN clients attached to a wireless access point, the company said.

The embedded security means that wireless LAN clients will have to establish either an IPSec or IPSec-protected L2TP tunnel to access the network, the company said. However, the added protection provides two-way authentication.

The company did not say when the upgraded routers would be available, but said they would be demonstrating the new capabilities at trade shows in September.