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Agere Launches Single-Port Active Ethernet Unit

In a move designed to bring the simplicity and cost savings of Power over Ethernet to smaller wireless LAN systems, Agere Systems today announced a new, single-port model of its ORiNOCO Active Ethernet power injector line.

Active Ethernet technology lets wireless access points draw their power from the same connection that carries the data. This means one cable per unit installed, instead of two, with consequent in time and cost of installation. Active Ethernet power injectors provide 48 volts of DC power for Ethernet cable runs of as much as 300 feet.

"Not only does using the single-port Active Ethernet enable IT managers to reduce costs and installation time, it makes the actual installation much simpler," said ORiNOCO Product Manager Jan Haagh. "The new single-port Active Ethernet power injector, combined with our new ORiNOCO installation wizards and software, is part of our overall goal to make setting up and installing wireless LAN systems as easy as possible."

Active Ethernet works with all Agere wireless LAN access point, access servers, and outdoor routers, including the ORiNOCO AP-500, AP-1000, OR-1000, and AS-2000.

Manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) for the Single-port Active Ethernet power injector is $169. Six-port and twelve port models are $749 MSRP and $1,199 MSRP, respectively.