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Native American Community Deploys Large WLAN

Solectek Corporation, based in San Diego, CA, announced last week that it has completed an installation of a WLAN for the Native American community of Isleta Pueblo. Isleta Pueblo had been using Solectek products for a number of years, but did not have a wireless LAN in place until now.

Isleta Pueblo's MIS coordinator Terry Honeycutt gave numerous reasons for the Pueblo's move to Solectek's SkyWay family of WLAN products. He highlighted the idea that the decision hinged not only on the increase in capacity to serve more users, but also on the degree of control that the WLAN installation afforded them. He pointed out that close control had become particularly necessary since the community began using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). He cited ease of rollout and scalability over the 40-square mile territory as key selling points.

Honeycutt explained that the Pueblo actually replaced the leased lines it used to use to route traffic off the reservation and back in again - with a Solectek WLAN. The WLAN is being used in the Pueblo's schools, youth centers, casinos, medical clinics, and even golf courses.

Solectek reported that it has found a great deal of interest in WLAN products from Native American communities, based on the autonomy the infrastructure creates and the business-like nature of running largely self-sufficient communities. This community already has its own law enforcement, and utility companies for distribution of water and electricity. The WLAN's enable them to become their own telecommunication service providers as well.

On a more philosophical note, Solecteck stated that many Native American communities have expressed interest in the WLAN solution as a more environmental, less earth-invasive alternative to wired LANs that avoids carving up "Grandmother Earth." More information about Solectek and the SkyWay family of products is available at the company's Web site.

Matthew Peretz is Managing Editor of 802.11-Planet.com