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Agere's Dual Ethernet Port WLAN Gateway

Agere BG-2000

Agere Systems today announced a new broadband gateway at The Western Show in Anaheim, CA. The BG-2000 (Broadband Gateway 2000) is a Wi-Fi certified, dual Ethernet port, WLAN solution targeted towards the SOHO sector.

The BG-2000 can provide wireless connectivity via cable, xDSL, and ISDN connections and can be used as the access point (AP) in a multi-device WLAN. A key feature of the BG-2000 is its built-in remote management tools, enabling service providers and/or IT managers to remotely set-up and maintain the unit.

The new gateway also includes a built-in firewall featuring IP and packet filtering, blocking unknown users and static port forwarding that enables outside Net access to the user's internal Web server and mail server. In addition, its built-in ORiNOCO radio can provide 128-bit RC4 encryption with multiple VPN session support. Access control is also an option.

Connection sharing is facilitated by the unit's inclusion of various protocols including Network Address Port Translation (NAPT) and DHCP client & server.

The BG-2000 has a second Ethernet port which makes integration into a wired network easier and expedites infrastructure deployment. Laptop and other mobile users can connect using either add on or embedded 802.11b cards. Desktop users can connect to the BG-2000 using a USB client device.

The BG-2000 will be available in January, 2002, with a suggested retail price of $199. More details about the BG-2000 are available at the company's Web site

Matthew Peretz is Managing Editor of 802.11-Planet.com