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Linux Package Supports USB WLAN Adapters

Absolute Value Systems announced last week that their Linux software package, linux-wlan is now supporting USB adapters for WLANs. According to the company, this is the first Linux software support for USB-connected WLAN adapters.

The USB interface, while it is commonly used for peripherals like printers, scanners and hard drives, is also in frequently used for network interface adapters, including Ethernet and WLAN modules.

USB WLAN adapters are particularly suitable to desktop users who typically lack a PCMCIA slot for WLAN cards. Also becoming increasingly popular are embedded software devices like set-top boxes with USB ports as a primary connectivity option.

Absolute Value Systems also highlighted the fact that many embedded systems applications, including set-top boxes, require that USB WLAN adapters operate in Access Point (AP) mode. For that reason, Absolute Value Systems will offer a USB version of their AVS WLAN Developer's Kit which provides an AP implementation based on a USB WLAN adapter. The company is targeting this towards OEMs with existing product who want to add AP functionality using a USB WLAN adapter.

The company stated that it plans to maintain a hardware compatibility list on its Web site indicating which USB adapters can be used with its linux-wlan software package.