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WLAN Monitoring with Your PDA

Netaphor Software Monday announced the beta version of its PDAlert for monitoring of network devices over a WLAN using a PDA.

PDAlert is currently designed to operate with Pocket PCs but the company stated that a Palm version is planned as well. The software enables sysadmins to gather information about the current status of devices on the network such as printers, digital copiers, routers, switches, servers, UPS units, and others.

PDAlert requires a WLAN, such as an 802.11b network, for monitoring - and a compatible wireless card in the PDA. Netaphor said that the software will discover and monitor devices on the network automatically. Users can also enter the IP address of specific devices they wish to monitor. Information on all generated alerts is saved to a file so it can be transferred to a desktop for analysis.

The beta version of PDAlert is now available at the Netaphor Web sites http://www.netaphor.com/products or http://www.pdalert.com. Netaphor is requesting feedback on the product's operation. The final release is scheduled for March, 2002.

Matthew Peretz is Managing Editor of 802.11-Planet.com