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WECA Hops the Pond

In addition to announcing the addition of 15 new member companies to its ranks, WECA, or the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance, today announced the opening of a new testing facility for products in Reading, England.

WECA, which was formed in 1999, has as its mission the overall promotion of WLAN standards and operates as a nonprofit organization that certifies interoperability of Wi-Fi (802.11b) products. It will also be certifying interoperability between 802.11a, or Wi-Fi5 products.

WECA's test suite determines how products are tested to certify interoperability. The organization now claims over 140 members, offering 260 Wi-Fi certified products.

The test facility in Europe is operated by Agilent. It has completed its initial round of Wi-Fi interoperability testing. The test facility is designed to save European members of WECA time and expenses relating to transferring products to U.S.-based labs.

Matthew Peretz is Managing Editor of 802.11-Planet.com