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WLANs Set to Grow Rapidly: Study

The market for Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) is poised for rapid growth between now and 2006, according to a study released Thursday by Synergy Research Group (SRG).

The overall WLAN market for home and business will grow more 30 percent a year by 2006, the study claims. The market will be worth almost $5 billion by that time.

The most explosive growth is expected this year, according to the study. It projects WLANs for the home and small offices to grow 103 percent and WLAN sales to the enterprise will grow at 32 percent.

Combined, WLANs will grow at 60 percent this year. This latest study confirms the results of projections by other market research firms.

"Given the introduction of the 802.11a technology and the pending ratification of the 802.11g standard, the WLAN market will continue to out-pace all other networking market segments," said Aaron Vance, WLAN industry analyst for Synergy Research Group.

In addition, he said, prices for 802.11b equipment will continue to drop, spurring sales into the home and small office markets. Overall, homes and small offices will account for 58 percent of all WLAN sales by 2006, according to the study.