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Wave if You Crave Security

WaveSecurity Tuesday announced the release of a software security suite for Wi-Fi networks. The suite is comprised of two solutions called WaveScanner and WaveSentinel. The products are designed to detect, assess, and document security threats to WLANs.

According to the company, the products operate using both proactive and reactive security measures.

Both products integrate directly into existing WLANs with no changes required. WaveSentinel provides intrustion detection, active monitoring and logging, and can extend these measures to access points that not designed with security features. The WaveScanner product integrates with existing TCP/IP security scanners to reveal wireless-specific vulnerabilities alongside TCP/IP-specific vulnerabilities.

WaveSecurity stated that the products are available now, both online and through resellers. Online pricing is $1,995 for WaveScanner and starts at $4,995 for WaveSentinel (1 server, 5 access points).