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Sniffer's Nose for WLAN Management

Sniffer Technologies, a division of Network Associates, Tuesday announced enhancements to its Sniffer Wireless and Sniffer Portable network management product lines. The products are designed to maximize network performance and resolve security breaches in both wired and wireless networks, including 802.11b WLANs.

The Sniffer Wireless solution for 802.11b networks automatically detects rogue access points to prevent the WLAN from being compromised by unauthorized users. It also includes network throughput reporting features and real-time features to assist in analyzing network issues. New features introduced include automatic channel surfing and decryption using WEP for real-time and post capture analysis.

Sniffer Technologies also introduced a new version of its Sniffer Portable solution for managing high-speed networks, including topologies such as Gigabit Ethernet and Full Duplex Fast Ethernet. The company stated that the solution supports over 500 communications protocols, and has over 30 security related alarms and filtering capabilities for detecting and addressing malicious network activity such as network-based worms and password cracking.

The Sniffer Expert analysis technology is incorporated into both the Sniffer Wireless and Sniffer Portable products. The Sniffer Expert function provides real-time detection and analysis tools regarding network and security issues. Use of the Sniffer Expert functionality enables alerting of network admins regarding WLAN issues at any time.

Data sheets and contact information for purchasing the Sniffer solutions can be found at the Sniffer Technologies Web site.

Sniffer Technologies is one of three companies within the Network Associates group, which also includes McAfee (antivirus/security) and Magic, a service management solutions company.

Matthew Peretz is Managing Editor of 802.11-Planet.com