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Consultants for Complex WLANs

Consulting firm Predictive Systems yesterday announced new services to enable companies to design, secure, and manage wireless LANs.

Predictive systems has structured their services around four principal areas:

  • Assessment: included in this category are strategy and planning; ROI analysis; risk analysis; WLAN security assessment; site survey; training; application analysis: and project planning.
  • Design: WLAN network design and integration with corporate backbones; security design; security and acceptable use policies; disaster recovery; and project management.
  • Implementation: WLAN implementation; VPNs; secure operational procedures; device configuration; network and security management; integration with directorory services; and project management.
  • Improvement: performance analysis and tuning for WLAN; system upgrade and expansion; intrusion prevention and detection; penetration testing; and sweeps for "rogue" devices.

    Predictive Systems is headquartered in New York with offices in Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, and the UK.