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Microsoft Releases New Tool to Zap Download.Ject

Microsoft has released an updated Trojan detection and removal tool to help PC users clean up after the sophisticated malware attack that loaded keystroke loggers and other malicious code on infected systems.

The 118 KB removal tool has been programmed to remove the payload delivered by the server-side Download.Ject Trojan. The Download.Ject Trojan, also known as Scob, exploited vulnerabilities in Microsoft's IIS 5.0 servers and Internet Explorer (IE) browser to distribute malware programs.

It started spreading late last month after unknown attackers uploaded a small file with JavaScript to infected Web sites running Microsoft IIS 5.0 servers.

A user visiting an infected site with IE automatically became infected with the JavaScript, which triggered a download from a Russian Web site. The download included Trojan horse programs like keystroke loggers, proxy servers and other back doors providing full access to the infected system.

On July 2, Microsoft issued a security update with PC configuration workarounds aimed at thwarting the attack.

Now, as the cleanup continues, the software giant is urging customers to use its updated removal tool to delete variants of the Trojan.

"Once the tool has run, it automatically checks for infection and removes any targeted Trojans that are found," the company said.

The tool was created specifically to remove the Download.Ject Trojan and will not detect or delete any viruses or worms.