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Sprint Goes on the Offensive Against Attacks

Sprint today announced two new initiatives to further protect its network customers from malicious attacks. Sprint's IP Defender and Secure Content Management and Filtering service are both intended to help mitigate excessive bandwidth usage.

IP Defender provides 24/7 monitoring of customer traffic and identifies suspected anomalies before they become bigger problems.

"What we saw is that there is a new form of attack where basically a machine will grab onto a port and cause it to send millions of messages causing it to crash or preventing people from getting into it," Mickey O'Dell, Sprint product manager, told internetnews.com. "What [IP Defender] does is monitors the port, and if it sees something strange going on, it'll actually divert that port into a 'dumping ground.'"

O'Dell added that the new service actually re-routes the suspected DoS traffic to a dead-end whereas what Sprint did before was usually just take down the affected port.

Sprint's Secure Content Management and Filtering service is also about proactively optimizing customer bandwidth. Through the use of security rules, productivity controls and content caching, the service promises to lower bandwidth costs while improving Internet access and security for customers.

"We offer the protection customers need against today's threats," explained Tim Donahue, assistant vice president of Segment Marketing at Sprint, in a statement. "Security is inherent in everything we do, and we are committed to providing our customers with comprehensive multilayer security solutions at all locations."

Sprint's network recently got a vote of confidence from Time Warner Cable of New York and New Jersey. Last week, TWC unveiled its new VoIP service, which runs on the Sprint network.