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Check Point Releases Two Security Measures

Check Point Software has rolled out an updated version of its Integrity firewall, as well as its first security event management software system, called Eventia Analyzer.

Integrity 6.0, a subscription service that controls application access to networks from PCs, improves on its manageability, scalability and reliability performance for endpoint security, according to Rich Weiss, Check Point's director of endpoint marketing.

"The idea is to reduce the amount of time administrators have to spend with Integrity," he said.

The Integrity client and server software secures networked PCs by centrally managing a proactive defense and enforcing access policy compliance, he said.

Weiss said the significant advances and new management features of Integrity will also enable the software to secure large-scale deployments at a low cost. It is also the first easily managed host intrusion prevention for PCs.

The latest Integrity offering now includes the subscription service Program Advisor, a SmartDefense service that gives administrators the ability to automate most application policy decisions for granting or blocking network access to PC applications, according to Weiss. Check Point hosts the service and currently handles about 100 million queries a week, he said.

"It is our business to understand this stuff," Weiss continued. "We are in a better position than the network administrators."

The Tel Aviv-based company also introduced the Eventia Analyzer this week, a service that monitors networks through the collection of information from several avenues, such as firewalls and antivirus gateways, according to David Burton, Check Point's director of product marketing.

The software then automatically analyzes the data in real time and produces a ready consolidated report for the information security manager.

Barton said the Eventia Analyzer provides 70 predefined problems that allows network administrators to easily detect and digest any perceived security threats faster than usual. It also reduces the need to customize the systems, he said.

"The sheer enormity of information collected by security devices makes it extremely difficult for existing security event management solutions to identify meaningful events in a timely fashion, if at all," Gonen Fink, vice president of solutions and strategy for Check Point, said in a statement.

"Eventia Analyzer is designed to be easily deployed in hours. The extensive base of built-in knowledge about which security events are important and which can be considered insignificant, greatly increases an enterprise's protection without inundating its security team with lower-priority alerts."