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The Third Wave of Security Appliances

Akonix has rolled out a security appliance for protecting against threats targeted toward IM use and peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing.

The provider of enterprise-class solutions for security, compliance, and management of enterprise instant messaging (IM), says the Akonix L7 CM5000 is the first all-in-one appliance for IM and P2P security, compliance and management.

With this "third wave" of security solutions for corporate networks, Akonix believes it has pinpointed the next trend in perimeter security devices, going beyond firewall and e-mail security appliances.

"We have seen immediate industry demand for an IM security appliance that provides advanced security, compliance and management features, while offering minimal installation and administration effort and expense," Francis Costello, CTO at Akonix, said in a statement.

The real-time communications appliance is the next generation of protection against worms, viruses, phishing scams and other malicious content.

Akonix believes the demand for real-time communications security appliances will be similar to that of e-mail security appliances.

A recent report by the Radicati Group, says e-mail security appliances are expected to generate $363 million in 2005. The firm expects the market to continue its growth over the next four years, with revenue increasing by more than 400 percent during that time.

Earlier this month, the Akonix Security Center reporter two the latest IM spyware worm, dubbed Chode-D.