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Koobface Return Not a Welcome Holiday Sight

eSecurity Planet has the scoop on the return of Koobface, a devious computer worm that's targeting Facebook users this holiday season.

Facebook users this week found out the hard way that 'tis the season to have your computer rendered useless by the latest variant of the infamous Koobface worm. According to Panda Security, Koobface.GK is worming its way through the popular social networking site via postings of malicious links on Facebook wall pages.

PandaLabs researchers said the links take Facebook users to a bogus embedded video player that promises a warm and fuzzy Christmas greeting.

Instead of dancing elves or a soothing rendition of "White Christmas," users who click on the links are infected by the worm which, in turn, presents a CAPTCHA image that threatens to reboot the user's computer.

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