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Security Expert Details SAP Back Door Exploit

Over the past few years, SAP has been rapidly increasing the pace of its security notes, the warnings the company issues for vulnerabilities it has already patched. But even with the heightened focus, the threats persist.

According to a researcher presenting at the Black Hat conference, SAP's software is especially vulnerable to back-door attacks, in large part because of the integrated nature of the environments where it is deployed. eCRM Guide has the story.

LAS VEGAS -- For many enterprises, SAP's (NYSE: SAP) software is mission-critical. But according to Mariano Nunez Di Croce, a security researcher from Argentinean research vendor Onapsis, SAP software is at risk even when users properly follow all of the company's security guidelines.

In a talk here at the Black Hat security conference, Di Croce argued that SAP deployments could be at risk from back doors, a technique used by hackers to secure future access to a system while remaining undetected.

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