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Linux Foundation Core Infrastructure Initiative Funding Hits $5.4 Million

The Linux Foundation is making good on its promise to help prevent the next Heartbleed before it happens. On April 24, the Linux Foundation announced its Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) to fund open-source projects, and it is now providing details on which projects it will initially help to secure.

The Heartbleed security flaw, disclosed April 7, is a vulnerability in the open-source OpenSSL cryptographic library that is widely used on servers and embedded devices around the world. One of the many potential reasons why Heartbleed occurred in the first place is due to a lack of resources and funding, which is something that CII aims to correct.

Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, told eWEEK that to date CII has raised $5.4 million in funding. The effort now includes the participation of Adobe, Bloomberg, Hewlett-Packard and Salesforce.com. Those vendors join VMware, Rackspace, NetApp, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Google, Fujitsu, Facebook, Dell, Amazon and Cisco, which joined CII in April.

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