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SecTor : Metasploit Prime comes to Canada

TORONTO. One of the things missing at the Black Hat Las Vegas event this year was a talk by H D Moore, creator of the open source Metasploit hacking framework and one of the most influential hackers on Earth.

Back in the summer I had emailed Moore to see what was going on - and at the time he noted he was busy with stuff (like making a weaponized attack code for Kaminsky's DNS exploit)

Well luckily for me - he's not too busy to make it up to SecTor which kicks off today in Toronto.

Moore is talking about - what else - Metasploit - but here's kicker - he's talking about Metasploit 3.2 - which is currently in development. It's been months since Metasploit 3.1 was released and Moore has got *a few* tricks up his sleeve yet.

His preso is just about to start here - but he's delayed - by....a/v issues with the projector.

**UPDATE** Moore just announced that Metasploit is moving to a BSD license for 3.2 which will be out any day now. Big news!
**UPDATE 2** - Auto Browser Pwn, Evil Wireless Access Point, Metasploit MITM and IPv6 attack capabilities are the other big highlights in Metasploit 3.2. I've got a full story that should be up soon on the main InternetNews.com with more details and quotes.

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