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Linux Foundation acquires Linux.com

From the 'whatever happened to..' files:

The Linux Foundation has acquired the Linux.com domain from SourceForge. Financial details of the deal are not being publicly disclosed at this time.

I spoke with Jim Zemlin Executive Director of the Linux Foundation (and all around super Linux promoter Dude) today about the transaction and what it means for him, for Linux and for me (since after all I write about Linux and am worried that Linux.com will become a new competitor - which it won't..)

Linux.com went 'dark' in January of this year laying off its staffers including Robin 'roblimo' Miller and David Graham (who managed the links). The site had been a content site for Linux news and reviews, but that's not necessarily what the new Linux.com under the ownership of the Linux Foundation will be all about.

Zemlin told me that initially the Linux Foundation will have an 'ideaforge' where people can sign up at Linux.com and provide their recommendation about what should be on Linux.com. Zemlin assured me that he's not trying to create a new competitor for me (or others in the Linux news business), but rather that Linux.com will be positioned as a resource for LInux as a whole.

"We're not a breaking news organization. We don't do what you do," Zemlin told me.