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Conficker hits Utah

From the 'worm that keeps on giving' files:

Apparently Conficker isn't just media hype. The Associated Press reported on Sunday that the University of Utah was infected with the Conficker worm. In total the report claims that some 700 PCs at the university were infected with Conficker.

Among the PCs hit were those inside of the University of Utah's hospitals, though hospital officials claims there were no patient records lost.

So it's not just naive Windows users that can get hit by Conficker. Inside a university environment with many PCs that may or may not all be centrally managed properly, it is a difficult thing to manage patches and anti-virus sometimes. This incident at the University of Utah clearly underscores that point.

While Utah has publicly reported its Conficker issues, I don't doubt that many other institutions have had similiar issues that have yet (or ever) to be publicly reported. After all if PCs aren't centrally managed than how is a university or hospital to know if they're infected in the first place?  That's where the true danger of Conficker lies.

It's not about the numbers of infected PCs that are reported, but rather about the silent majority of unreported infections.