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IBM Sun acquisition to be announced today?


From the 'some rumors are true' files:

Talk about a potential acquisition of Sun by IBM has been swirling for the last few weeks, and now has hit a new level. Both the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times are reporting that according to their sources, a deal is nearly done. If the sources familiar with the matter are accurate, the deal could be announced as soon as today.

Reportedly, IBM will pay $9.50 a share for Sun, giving the deal a total value of approximately $7 billion.

The deal (in my view) will consolidate the Unix market with 2/3rds of it under the control of IBM. I've also written that I figured it would be a good deal for Linux too.

Earlier this week, I got members of the Java community to chime in on this event too. For the most part, the view was that it could be a very positive thing for Java and the Java Community Process (JCP) itself.

So lots of positives here for this deal. Whether it happens today, over the weekend or next week is likely the only question left to answer.