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Opera 10.5 pre-alpha now available. Should you care?

From the 'What's a Pre-Alpha' files:

Forget about betas, alphas or nightlies - what you want is a pre-alpha release right?

Well that's what Opera Software is pitching with its Opera 10.5 pre-alpha release this week.

Why Opera 10.5 is interesting to both end-users, developer and competitors, revolves around one key technology - Carakan. Carakan is Opera's next generation JavaScript engine which Opera has been saying is world-beating since February of this year.

With Opera 10.5 Carakan makes its debut for public consumption and it gives Opera 10.5 a 7x JavaScript performance boost over prior versions. Opera 10.5 also introduces a new graphics library and improvement so Opera's rendering engine.

Yes, speed does matter.

Is it faster than Chrome or Firefox? That's always a loaded question as it depends on use-cases.

What is important from my perspective is that there continues to be an emphasis from all browser vendors on making fast next generation browsers even faster.

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