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With Memcached, Gear6 Aims for the Clouds

Memcached is getting the cloud treatment courtesy of Gear6 in a bid to help further leverage the strengths of the open source distributed caching system. Datamation takes a look.

Memcached, the open source distributed memory-based object caching system that enables Web 2.0 applications to scale to meet the needs of high-traffic production usage, is headed to the cloud thanks to commercial IT services vendor Gear6.

Gear6 launched back in April with the general availability of a commercial-enhanced memcached distribution. Joaquin Ruiz, executive vice president of products for Gear6, told InternetNews.com that many Web 2.0 companies also want to leverage the cloud effectively as a platform to deploy peak-time services.

That's where the new Gear6 Web Cache Server for the Cloud comes into play.

Ruiz added that in his view, the new Gear6 offering will be the first commercially supported memcached distribution for the cloud as well as the first to take advantage of Amazon's new high memory instances service.

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