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SAP Goes Green With New Sustainability App

A business focus on sustainability isn't just about saving the planet: Increasingly, it's about saving money. And with major companies like Walmart pushing suppliers to get serious about the concept, sustainability can become a competitive differentiator. Enter SAP, with a new application designed to help businesses better understand, track and take action on their enterprise-wide sustainability efforts. Datamation takes a look.

SAP on Thursday unveiled what it believes is the software industry's most comprehensive and useful green application to date with the launch of SAP BusinessObjects Sustainability Management.

The application, which was developed with the help of some of SAP's (NYSE: SAP) largest and most environmentally conscience customers including Lexmark and Nestle, will give enterprise customers the ability to cull through hundreds of business applications and extract the pertinent sustainability data and consolidate it in one dashboard to manage an organization's overall sustainability program.

Sustainability, which obviously includes environmental responsibility but also incorporates social and economic considerations, is not just something corporations do for good public relations these days -- it's a business imperative.

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