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January 2003 Netcraft Survey Highlights

The Netcraft Web Server Survey is a survey of Web server software usage on the Internet. Netcraft received responses to its January 2003 survey from 35,424,956 sites. Although this represents another slight decrease from the number of responses received in November, it is still greater than October's all-time low of 35.1 million sites. It is, however, lower than the nearly 36.7 million responses received in last January's survey.

As usual, Apache, Microsoft, Zeus, and SunONE (formerly referred to as iPlanet in the survey) remained the key players with shares of 62.23 percent, 27.49 percent, 2.08 percent, and 1.33 percent, respectively. The top vendors once again retained their rankings of the previous month, with only Apache increasing its market share (by a mere 0.21 percent). Microsoft's, Zeus' and SunONE's market shares remained flat.

NT-specific servers accounted for 27.72 percent of servers surveyed, representing yet another decrease from the previous month's 27.81 percent. Apache-specific servers accounted for 63.68 percent, an increase from December's 63.51 percent. Macintosh-specific servers again decreased slightly to 0.29 percent.

Of the servers surveyed, 16,182,460, or 45.68 percent, had .com domains.

January Results
Server No. of
Servers in Use
No. of Servers
With .com domains
Apache 22,045,4209,131,965
Microsoft-IIS 9,739,0695,343,617
Zeus 736,697336,415
Unknown 473,854225,758
Netscape-Enterprise 460,513200,997
Rapidsite 376,130254,516
thttpd 238,1453,287
tigershark 230,578160,863
WebSTAR 89,22849,566
Lotus Domino 78,03128,612
WebSitePro 49,71726,241
Stronghold 45,64028,122
WebSite 28,82115,656
WN 18,4413,239
Zope 14,8353,705
Roxen WebServer 13,7149,485
Netscape FastTrack Server 9,1243,666
Enterprise for NetWare 8,3352,348
AOLServer 7,1673,934
Orion 5,6803,642
Sambar 5,4552,024
WebLogic 5,3443,588
4D_WebSTAR_S 5,1482,423
Xitami 4,355 2,131
NCSA HTTPd 4,271 959
OmniHTTPd Pro 3,312 894
SimpleServer:WWW 1,782670
SilverStream 982 467