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August 2003 Netcraft Survey Highlights

The Netcraft Web Server Survey is a survey of Web server software usage on the Internet. Netcraft received responses to its August 2003 survey from 42,807,275 sites. This is 508,904 (1.2 percent) more sites than responded in July, and it represents a new peak in the number of responses received.

As usual, Apache, Microsoft, and Zeus were among the top-five Web server, with shares of 63.98 percent, 23.75 percent, and 1.81 percent, respectively. This month, Sun Microsystems joined them, with Netscape Enterprise dislodging Zeus Web Server from third place and into fifth. This redistribution is due to Sun increasing its share by nearly 2 percent in the past month and Zeus' share declining marginally. Microsoft also continued to lose sites, this time 2.2 percent -- 810,597 sites. Netcraft attributes the decrease to Network Solutions migrating the remainder of its domain parking system back to Solaris from a Windows-based system hosted at Interland.

Of the servers surveyed, 20,374,593, or 47.6 percent, had .com domains; 2,843,887, or about 6.6 percent, had .uk domains

August Results
Server No. of
Servers in Use
Market Share No. of Servers
With .com domains
Apache 27,388,86063.98%11,986,146
Microsoft-IIS 10,165,39023.75%5,680,612
Netscape-Enterprise 1,524,9133.56%856,048
Unknown 765,6271.79%418,190
Zeus 746,2401.74%373,017
Rapidsite 407,7890.95%273,694
tigershark 298,9980.70%213,236
thttpd 227,8870.53%3,655
Lotus Domino 86,0210.20%30,384
WebSTAR 79,9620.19%45,227
Stronghold 46,2220.11%27,990
WebSitePro 41,6650.10%21,387
WebSite 27,2520.06% 15,274
Zope 22,1920.05%4,898
WN 16,5340.04%2,652
AOLServer 15,0590.04%10,850
Roxen WebServer 9,5990.02%5,235
4D_WebSTAR_S 9,5670.02% 4,747
Enterprise for NetWare 7,7890.02% 2,202
Netscape FastTrack Server 7,6070.02%3,043
WebLogic 7,3520.02%4,995
Orion 6,5970.02%4,067
Sambar 6,2270.01%2,413
Xitami 4,680 0.01%2,426
OmniHTTPd Pro 3,714 0.01%983
NCSA HTTPd 3,306 0.01%789
SimpleServer:WWW 2,251 0.01%957