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SNIA Issues 'Breakthrough' Midrange Storage Tech

Members of the Storage Networking Industry Association's (SNIA) Supported Solutions Forum (SSF) said Tuesday they have developed a new storage interoperability solution that helps midrange storage users combine disparate storage systems in their data networks while safeguarding their corporate data with offsite backup.

The culmination of testing by SNIA members IBM , MTI Technology , FalconStor Software , VERITAS Software , and Brocade , the solution allows end users to combine IBM's FAStT700 Storage System with MTI's Vivant 400 storage system.

In addition, FalconStor's IPStor Software added data protection to the mix, with remote mirroring, local mirroring or migration to a different storage system, while VERITAS's Volume Manager Dynamic MultiPathing (DMP) Software, HP's Physical Volume (PV) -- Links Software, and IBM's Redundant Dual Active Controller (RDAC) Software provide the multipathing capability.

While the combination of disparate hardware and software revolving around this news bit may be complex, if not outright confusing, one analyst called the result a "breakthrough" for the storage industry, which has been seeking more and more ways to create heterogeneous storage networks. Data Mobility Group Senior Analyst John Webster explained what the announcement means.

"This is a significant breakthrough for many users who want the ability to invoke copy functions between disparate arrays without relying on an array vendor's solution in order to do so," said Webster in a statement. "This type of migration or replication scenario supports disaster recovery, business continuance, acquisition and merger, content distribution, content management and other applications where users require this level of functionality."

The SNIA said vendors who use the hodgepodge product have can get support through the SSF's TSANet Cooperative Support Group Relationship infrastructure, which provides multi-vendor contact information and an escalation process via the Internet. With this, vendors can access the information at any time of day.

A white paper that addresses this technology may be viewed here.