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Pogo Linux, MySQL Team on Open-source Appliance

Two small companies aimed to spread the gospel of open-source technologies Monday as Pogo Linux said it agreed to build an appliance powered by MySQL AB's open-source database.

Pogo Linux, a Redmond, Wash.-based maker of hardware for the open-source operating system Linux, will make the DataWare 2600 Server, which will be loaded with MySQL's popular database.

The companies hope the product will attract interest from IT managers and developers seeking an open-source option for Web-hosting and running operations at financial institutions -- both functions that require strong throughput and speedy performance.

The companies also hope the machine's price will give it an edge over companies such as Oracle and Network Appliance , who make proprietary server appliances. Because it supports Linux, the product may also serve as an alternative to Microsoft-powered machines.

Open-source technologies, such as Linux and MySQL's database, have the potential of gaining more traction at a time when cutting down IT expenses and boosting return-on-investment becomes more critical for IT managers.

With $19.5 million in second-rounding funding in the bank, MySQL has been grabbing attention. Boasting some 4 million total installations, the company recently agreed to take the reins of fellow open-source database SAP DB, which will ultimately improve the feature functionality of the MySQL database.

Pogo Linux and Sweden's MySQL plan to preview the system July 9 and July 10 at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) in Portland, Oregon. Fittingly, the DataWare 2600 appliance will be officially launched at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, in San Francisco, Calif. on August 4-7. The companies have not released pricing details to the public.

Another aspect that may make the DataWare 2600 attractive to companies seeking a simple, easy-to-install product, is that the DataWare 2600 comes pre-configured, making it a true out-of-the-box product.

"The Pogo Linux-MySQL database appliance will be a premium preconfigured server where every piece of hardware and software is tested and optimized for raw speed. It will raise the bar for value, ease of use and performance," said David Axmark, MySQL AB co-founder.

Pogo Linux will become a MySQL Certified Hardware Partner and both firms will work together to make sure the product's hardware and software features are fully supported.