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LANDesk Serves Up Management Software Upgrade

With an eye squarely focused on meeting growing demands for server availability and security, LANDesk Software revamped its remote management product designed to enable IT professionals to monitor and improve server performance in real time.

Server Manager 8.5 improves patch management performance, software distribution and remote control functions, according to Steve Workman, director of product management at LANDesk.

"We tried to refine our approach to server management, clearly focusing on server configuration and availability," Workman said of the improvements.

In addition to real-time monitoring, key features of the software include on-demand management capabilities that have a minor impact, or often none at all, to server CPU and memory resources. The function increases the stability performance of the server, Workman said. The product's vulnerability assessment uses a server-specific application and system vulnerability information in real time, allowing customers to immediately address any potential flaws.

"LANDesk Server Manager 8.5 is designed to provide IT managers with increased server availability and security," Dave R. Taylor, vice president of worldwide marketing for LANDesk Software, said in a statement. "Server stability is one of the top concerns for administrators, and LANDesk Server Manager 8.5 offers on-demand technology and increased ease-of-use that helps deliver this."

The software also provides Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) 2.0 support, which allows remote recovery of downed servers. Customers can quickly gather critical management data like temperature, chassis identity and intrusion detection, even when the operating system is not running, Workman said.

Workman said the improvements are a response to customer requests for more efficient server manageability.

"Our focus has been on server configuration and security," he said. "The server needs to be up, running and secure."

Pricing for Server Manager 8.5 starts at $299 per server and includes a one-year subscription for the patch management program. It supports the Windows, Linux and Unix operating systems.