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Sun to Jazz Up Oracle's Database 10g

For customers looking for better performance and availability on an Oracle database, Sun Microsystems is about to salute you.

Sun next week will begin offering Cluster Advanced Edition for Oracle Real Application Clusters on its Java Availability Suite. The move will help customers better run a clustered Oracle Database 10g on the Solaris 10 operating system, according to a document obtained by internetnews.com.

Java Availability Suite is a software platform, offered as a standalone suite and as part of the Java Enterprise System, that helps business services continue running through planned maintenances, failures or disasters.

Clustering capabilities in the platform help players in the financial, telecommunications and health care markets move applications and services to other resources in case of a failure.

Priced at $50 per year per employee, Cluster Advanced Edition for Oracle Real Application Clusters includes Sun StorEdge QFS file system software, Sun Cluster RAC agent and Solaris Volume Manager partitioning.

The product also includes input/output "fencing" to preserve the integrity of data and tighter integration with Solaris 10 to reduce downtime for applications.

"We have worked to certify the Sun Cluster for Oracle Database 10g and Oracle Real Application Clusters, so that our joint customers can feel assured of the integrity and high availability delivered by Oracle Real Application Clusters on Solaris 10," said Prem Kumar, vice president of server technologies at Oracle.

The move is a continuation of the deep integration work the software development teams of partners Sun and Oracle have committed to.

Earlier this year, Sun became an Oracle OEM as part of a 10-year agreement.

Sun now distributes the Oracle Database Enterprise Edition with its Solaris operating system, along with one year of support from Oracle, in a licensing deal that makes it essentially free. Sun has also moved its entire company onto Oracle enterprise resource planning software.