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Drobo Goes The NAS Route

Customer feedback over its inaugural storage device has spurred Data Robotics Inc. to craft a NAS-in-a-box that lets its Drobo users share files over a LAN and gain greater storage capabilities.

DroboShare, which will retail for about $200, is nearly a maternal twin to Drobo and boasts some neat features, including self-monitoring and a clear visual status and alert panel, similar to its sibling.

In a statement, the San Francisco startup says DroboShare "significantly increases the value and functionality that Drobo brings by providing home or business users with a simple way to share data without the complexity normally associated with NAS or RAID storage systems."

"This is the perfect file sharing device for the small team, whether they’re a group team in a big organization or a small workgroup in a SMB environment," Jillian Mansolf, SVP of sales and marketing, told InternetNews.com.

DroboShare’s back panel offers up two USB ports, which lets users connect two Drobos to the network—a combined storage tank of 8TB that can potentially scale to 32TB once larger drives are on the market. There’s also a gigabit Ethernet port, and, like the Drobo, the two-pound NAS works on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

New users are already spouting off about DroboShare and sharing user experiences at theDroboShare Community.