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Virtualization Slowed by Security Concerns

ServerWatch has details of a new survey that reveals how IT views the adoption of virtualization technologies.

IT consulting services and equipment provider CDW on Tuesday served up some statistics that indicate that while enterprise customers recognize the inherent financial and energy savings derived from virtualization, they're still a bit gun-shy when it comes to virtualizing their most critical applications and data repositories.

This week, CDW released its Server Virtualization Life Cycle Report, an extensive examination and survey of just how mature the virtualization market has become -- or not -- in the past decade.

A total of 387 information technology executives and companies took part in the survey, with results that revealed both their the appreciation for the benefits that virtualization software can deliver and their apprehension to commit their most vital data runs to a technology that's still viewed as a work in progress.

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Security Issues Temper Virtualization Craze