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Intermec Adds Voice Calling To Pocket PCs

Intermec Technologies today announced it has licensed TeleSym's Internet telephony software for use in its Pocket PCs.

Under the agreement, Intermec and its partners and distributors will become providers of the SymPhone System, which includes the software components required to connect voice calls between handheld computing devices and to and from the public network.

The addition of the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software will enable Intermec's 700 Series Pocket PC devices to make and receive peer-to-peer voice calls over standard 802.11b wireless local area networks (WLAN).

In addition, with the optional SymPhone Call Server and SymPhone PBX Connector, users can make and receive calls through a company PBX, as well as over public switched telephone networks.

The SymPhone System can be used at the same time as other applications on the 700 Series, so, for example, retail workers can look up data such as pricing, stock availability and stock location while also communicating via the VoIP software.

The SymPhone client upgrade kit is available immediately from Intermec at a list price of $155.

Reprinted from Thinkmobile.