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Handspring's Spring Visor Sale

Just in time for Spring, personal digital assistant (PDA) manufacturer Handspring, Inc. , is dropping prices on its Visor Neo and Visor Edge organizers, officials announced Monday.

Karen Sipprell, Handspring vice president of corporate marketing, said the low prices and accessories are perfect "for dads and grads looking to organize their lives."

"With more than 70 Springboard modules currently available, customers also have quite a selection of expansion options for Visor, from GPS receivers to digital cameras," she added.

The manufacturer is cutting prices on three of its more popular models as it continues its competition against PDA powerhouse Palm:

  • Visor Neo -- the entry-level PDA with 8 MB of memory, down from $169 to $149. Colors available: smoke, red and blue.
  • Visor Edge -- the PDA with Springboard slot is going for $169, down from $199. Colors available: silver, blue and red.
  • Visor Pro -- Price of the business-class PDA (with 16 MB of memory) drops from $229 to $199. Colors available: silver.

All three run on the Motorola Dragonball VZ 33MHz processor with USB support and Palm OS compatibility.

The product is available at most retail online stores, as well as Handspring's Web site.