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Boingo Bags SMC Bundling Deal

SMC Networks of Irvine, CA, announced today that it's entering a strategic partnership with hot spot aggregator Boingo Wireless. SMC will provide Boingo Wi-Fi sniffer/login software with all of its 802.11b-based PC Cards in the future. The software is free to download.

SMC's wireless network card which will bundle the software (the SMC2623W v.2) retails for between $70 and $80. Boingo directly resells Agere's ORiNOCO Gold Wi-Fi card for only $49.95 to those who sign up for the Boingo Pro service ($24.95 per month with 10 connect days) or the Boingo Unlimited service ($74.95 a month for unlimited use).

Boingo, which earlier this week added new hotspot locations in a deal with Airpath Wireless, has over 600 wireless hot spots in its member network in the United States. Boingo does not have its own physical network infrastructure, but instead aggregates existing hot spot access areas into its overall network.

Boingo service software seeks out partner hotspots and lets users log in to the Internet via these partner access areas. The program has a "personal VPN" feature to instantly secure a connection.

Christian Gunning, Director of Product Management at Boingo Wireless , and Colby Goff, Director, Business Development, Boingo Wireless will both be speaking on panels at the 80211 Planet Conference & Expo in Philadelphia on June 12, 2002.

Eric Griffith is the managing editor of 802.11 Planet.

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