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Nokia Rolls Out 3G Migration Services

Finnish wireless phone giant Nokia on Wednesday unveiled two new services aimed at easing the transition for mobile operators to third-generation (3G) networks.

In a statement devoid of details, Nokia said the new products -- Nokia Network Evolution Service and Nokia Multivendor Integration Service -- are geared towards mobile operators that struggle to make a secure transition to new technologies, especially wideband CDMA .

The company said the Network Evolution Service includes tools that run site surveys to figure out how an operator's network can be fitted for a new access network layer. It also includes a site upgrade and co-siting plan. Nokia said preplanning component of the service, based on actual network data, is a key part of rolling out new networks and consumer services.

The Nokia Multivendor Integration Service would sell project management tools designed to ensure that all network subsystems, including systems from other vendors, are tied together to ensure network functionality as per 3GPP standards.

"For operators, the result is improved overall network performance and interoperability supporting more reliable consumer services. Fewer bottlenecks in the integration process result in faster network rollout and integration...(They) get a network that 'shakes hands' to provide smooth connectivity for all basic consumer services," Nokia said in a public release.

Nokia said the rollout of the new service is in keeping with its support of WCDMA deployment globally. The company is actively developing single All-IP service for mobile networks and to be marketed with commercial products, said the new services would manage the entire process of planning, building and operating a network, optimizing network performance and creating and integrating software that enable new multimedia services.

Nokia's All-IP is being hailed as the answer to the myriad of bottlenecks faced by network operators moving to rollout 3G services. Once networks evolve to All-IP, Nokia is banking that is own All-IP RAN would be a hit among operators looking to separate the network architecture in a cost-effective way.

Nokia's hook to help mobile operators evolve to high-speed technologies include tools like end-to-end messaging, enabling platforms, mobile entertainment platforms, mCommerce applications, location-based applications and billing services.