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Sprint, Openwave Unveil New Browser

Following hard on the heels of the unveiling of its new mobile browser and content manager, Openwave Thursday said that Sprint PCS has deployed the Openwave mobile browser 6.1 and Openwave infrastructure software for its PCS Vision applications.

Initially available on Sprint's LG 5350 handsets, the software utilizes Sprint's recently deployed CDMA2000 1X network, which enables data calls averaging 40 to 70 kbps, with a peak data speed of 144 kbps.

Openwave's software is intended to allow Sprint customers to take advantage of new 3G capabilities, including alerts (using Openwave's Push technology), which gives Sprint the ability to push sports scores and other information to customer's phones. In addition, Openwave's Mobile Browser and Download Manager allow users to play J2ME-based games like Tetris, CyRace, Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Defender with their phones, as well as downloading ringers and screen savers.

The browser, which has already seen use in Japan for some time, supports full color graphics and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) 2.0, which allows developers to design wireless cascading style sheet (WCSS) Web pages. The browser also supports cookies and an authentication mechanism.

The Sprint service will allow users to purchase content like games and ringers from online storefronts. The content is automatically stored in the subscribers' "personal vaults," allowing them to access the content even if it is deleted from the service. Charges for the content will be billed to users' phone accounts.