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Proxim Drops Multipoint Prices

The Tsunami line of outdoor point-to-multipoint products for use by ISPs, campuses, and enterprises is getting a price cut. Proxim Corporation is knocking prices down by as much as $2000 on certain products used for everything from connectivity between buildings and last-mile back haul for public access venues.

Tsunami Multipoint products uses the unlicensed and (so far) uncrowded 5.8GHz band -- not the 802.11 specification -- to get throughput up to 20Megabits per second (Mbps) at 6 miles distance and 60Mbps at 3 miles for point-to-multipoint connections. There is a smaller base station for the subscriber end, and a larger base for the carrier end, with all the necessary components built in to the weather proof, roof- or building-mountable case that are easily wired back to the main network.

The products impacted by the price decrease include two Tsunami Multipoint Subscriber units, the 20Mbps product which drops from $1,295 to $995 and the 60Mbps version which goes from $2,995 to $1,495. The latter communicates with the Tsunami Multipoint 60Mbps Base Station unit, which drops from $9,995 to $8,995. (The 20Mbps Base Station will remain at a price of $4,995).

In December, Proxim introduced Tsunami Multipoint products that support a patented technology called active interference rejection (A.I.R.) to improve signals by nullifying horizontal and vertically linear polarized signals. The base station products with A.I.R. -- it is not need on the subscriber end -- use a combination of horizontal, vertical, and left-hand circular polarization of signals to minimize multipath signals. The company is dropping the price of the A.I.R. 60Mbps Base Station from $13,995 to $11,995. The Tsunami Multipoint A.I.R. 20Mbps Base Station will remain at $7,495.

Kevin Duffy, senior vice president and general manager of Proxim's WAN Division, which develops and markets all wireless infrastructure products in Proxim, said in the company's announcement that the lower prices will allow for better infrastructure foundation for "customers who have been previously forced to sacrifice network capacity and scalability due to budget constraints."

In January, Proxim began offering the Tsunami line, along with its indoor 802.11 ORiNOCO line in China, through IT product distributor Digital China.