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For CIC, the Handwriting is on the Palm

Communication Intelligence Corp. (CIC), struggling to get its stock price above NASDAQ's minimum for continued listing, rolled out a campaign Monday to promote its new JotComplete software for the Palm OS.

The product converts handwriting to typed text for all Palm applications.

Redwood Shores, Calif.-based CIC said its JotComplete solution includes an intelligent, dictionary-based word completion utility that decreases text entry time by allowing the completion of a word after entering only a few characters. The software also lets users write a 'T' as a 'T' and not an upside-down 'L', as is the case with systems that use Graffiti handwriting recognition technology.

CIC's marketing partners include Palm Solutions Group Handspring , PDA software marketer Handango and Elibrium, a publisher of productivity software.

Palm, for one, is relying heavily on Jot to boost sales. In January, the handheld device maker inked a deal with CIC to completely replace Graffiti in all of its future systems. The decision was motivated by Palm's dissatisfaction in Graffiti and a lawsuit by Xerox .

And clearly CIC has a lot riding on this effort, as the company's stock is trading at about 20 cents a share and it recently reported a fourth quarter net loss of $1.1 million on revenues that were down 68 percent to $478,000. The company cited "the continued weak economy and reduced IT spending."

At the same time, CIC said that the NASDAQ exchange granted the company an exception for continued listing pending a possible reverse stock split.

The new JotComplete produce allows users to use the full-screen and see their characters and symbols in ink as they write, JotComplete will allow them to write bigger, faster and ultimately help the user to obtain higher recognition accuracy, the company says.

"Partnering with the leading Palm OS device manufacturers and channel partners allows CIC to leverage their marketing capabilities..." said Robert Williams, vice president of business development for CIC.

The $29.99 JotComplete product can be purchased at shopcic.com.