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Motorola Provides Powerful Wireless Access On cdmaOne

Motorola's high-speed wireless Internet access for its cdmaOne networks will be launched commercially for the first time in Japan on Jan. 7, 2000.

This capability is based on the cdmaOneTIA/EIA-IS-95B standard, allows subscribers to access the Internet at speeds up to 64Kbps. The technology currently is under trial. DDI Corp. and IDO Corp. of Japan are the first operators to deploy the Motorola (MOT) technology.

Motorola NSS's high-speed wireless Internet access provides advantages for both the wireless operator and the consumer because it offers packet data implementation that provides the operator with the "dormant mode" feature.

This feature ensures efficient use of the available radio frequency (RF) spectrum, which means that the consumer benefits by being billed only for the active portion of packet data calls.

Dormant mode is the capability for the network to automatically release RF and voice and data traffic channel resources when not in use to transfer data between the subscriber and the network. Besides saving on airtime billing, packet data's dormant mode extends handset battery life.

"Adding to its traditional focus on voice communications, Japan's cellular phone market has become more diverse to include data communications and mail services," said IDO Corp. President Satoshi Nakagawa.

"Earlier this year, WAP service was offered, enabling the use of Internet services including easy sending and receiving of email and the browsing of web sites using only the mobile handset. By including packet communications features and WAP capability in all cdmaOne mobile models sold after the launch of packet service, data communications in the mobile environment will become that much more accessible and will serve to stimulate growth in the demand for mobile computing," said Nakagawa.

Many leading-edge IP applications can be supported for the first time including: interactive games, web conferencing and thin client computing. Of particular note is that the 64Kbps HSPD network delivers audio streaming with near-CD quality.