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BEA Takes SOA to Mobile Devices

Adding a touch of mobility to its service-oriented architecture (SOA) line, BEA Systems introduced new server software to enable distributed computing on PDAs and smartphones.

MobileAware Interaction Server, BEA WebLogic Edition finds and aggregates data that gets spread across a network, making it more accessible. BEA said in a statement the product can ensure the San Jose, Calif., company's WebLogic Portal 8.1 can more efficiently access data with mobile devices that provide Internet access.

For example, using the server, telecommunications outfits can quickly set up data services, more broadly distributing enterprise information. SOAs are especially important here because legacy telecommunications systems are dated, BEA said, rendering services distribution or content integration too slow.

In other areas, BEA said customers and employees are increasingly turning to mobile gadgets to view or access services, billing, product availability, logistics and other information. MobileAware Interaction Server allows enterprises to pipe in information about airline, travel, banking, brokerage and transportation to customers, employees and partners.

The MobileAware Interaction Server also works closely with the company's flagship BEA WebLogic Platform, which includes the company's successful application server.

The new software is a stepping stone in the company's Services Delivery Solution Framework, part of the larger, overarching Liquid Computing strategy for crafting real-time computing infrastructure.

BEA, IBM , Microsoft and smaller players such as Actional and Amberpoint are developing SOAs and their more specific Web services . The vendors' goals are to provide more flexible computing architectures to customers who want to save money by reusing software assets.

IDC said the Web services infrastructure market cold top $3.2 billion by 2008.

In related news, BEA is looking to improve employee productivity by expanding its portlet library for WebLogic Portal 8.1. Expansions include new services and applications that may be integrated into SAP and Siebel portals; Compoze Portlets, WebLogic Edition for groupware and collaboration; and improved WebLogic Edition tools for collaboration and integration from Kapow Technologies.

Kapow RoboSuite, BEA WebLogic Edition 5.5 is designed to help businesses integrate Web applications and content into a portal faster and easier. Compoze Portlets, WebLogic Edition can bring groupware and collaboration capabilities to an enterprise portal to improve employee productivity.