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Motorola Speaks a New Language

Voicing a new alternative to computerized information gathering, Motorola, Inc. today introduced VoxML, Voice Markup Language, designed to enable access of online content from any telephone.

Using VoxML, software developers and Internet content providers can write voice applications to help users access content using natural voice dialogue, the company said. Depending on the application, users can request or deliver information via the telephone using VoxML.

Motorola said that users can access online information about personal banking, weather forecasts, sports scores, stock quotes and internal company information over wireless phones, wireline phones or computers using natural voice commands.

"VoxML will revolutionize the way people access online information and Web content," said Maria Martinez, Motorola ICSD General Manager and Vice President. "This language enables developers to leverage their existing Web application skills to tap into new distribution channels and reach emerging markets and revenue streams."

Companies already using the VoxML include The Weather Channel, CBS MarketWatch.com, Traffic Station Group, Biztravel.com, astrology.net and SmartRoute. These companies have been able to write voice applications in a matter of days, Motorola said, leveraging their existing skills to bring their customized content from the Web to the mobile user.

Motorola is jumping into a burgeoning industry, as studies predict that the speech-enabled services market will grow to $3.4 billion by 2003.

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